how to play against the computer at World of Card Games

You can play a game of cards against the computer at World of Card Games. This is sometimes called playing against "bots" (robots).

There are shortcut links to each game that will take you directly to a table with bots. Here they are for each game:

Double Deck Pinochle
Gin Rummy 

There are a couple of other ways to do this, too.

The first way is an easy, 2-step process. In this case, we'll use Double Deck Pinochle as an example. 1) Click the "Menu" button, shown in the screenshot below:
Click the Menu button for Double Deck Pinochle
2) This pops open a Menu with links. Click the link that reads "Play Double Deck Pinochle with bots":
This will seat you immediately at a table where you can play against the computer, and where no other humans are allowed.

If you always want to play with the computer, the above 2 steps can get a little tedious. In that case, you can set up your Options to play with bots always, so that clicking on the game panel directly will take you to a table with just bots.

To do this, set up a private table for the game you want to play. Click the "Options" button, which is to the lower left of the chosen game panel. In the picture below, it's the Euchre options button that is being chosen.
Euchre Options button
After clicking, your options dialogue pops up. Check the "Private Table" checkbox:
private table none to play against the computer
The private table name now appears. By default, it is set to "none". Leave it at that, and click the OK button. Now you can click on the game panel (in this case, Euchre), and go straight to a table where only robots are allowed. The game will start immediately with "robots"! You are now playing against the computer. Don't forget to uncheck the "Private Table" option if you want to go back to playing with people again.

playing against the computer