how to play a game at World of Card Games

When you first visit World of Card Games, you are shown a page with "game panels" for Hearts, Spades, Euchre, Gin Rummy, Double Deck Pinochle, Go Fish, Twenty-Nine, and Three-Five-Eight. This is the home page. It looks like this:
Home page at World of Card Games
If you hover your mouse over a game panel, you'll see a message "Click to play...". In the screenshot above, it says "Click to play Hearts".

Once you click the game panel, an option screen pops up. The site needs to know whether you just want to play against the computer ("with robots") or with other people as well. The option screen looks like this:
Initialize your options to play Euchre

Playing against the computer is pre-selected. If you want to play with other people, click the second option. And if you want these options to be remembered, click the check box that says "Remember this choice (you can change settings later by using the 'Options' button). Then click "Go to table" to get to a "table" to play your game!

If you do not check the "Remember" checkbox, you will be presented with this screen each time you click to play. If you do check it, the screen will no longer appear, and you will be sent directly to a table to play

Note! You can also get to a table by using the list of tables. Any tables shown in the list of tables are accessible to you, although they may not have the options set exactly the way that you want. The list of tables may be used when you want to find your friends at the site, and when you don't want your Options to be strictly enforced.