Sunday, February 26, 2023

comments, I get comments

I know that World of Card Games is far from perfect. It has a few bugs (few and rare I believe!). But people notice the bad things and complain about them - those are most of the emails that I get. Despite that, I see plenty of people playing at the site every day, so I think many people play with no problems. I only rarely have problems with the site, and usually it's clear why: I'm in a location with bad wifi.

In any case, it's a rare person who takes the trouble to write a note of praise. However, I have indeed gotten many nice compliments about World of Card Games over the years. Those are the days when it's a joy to run the site!

Here's a recent one:

"Thanks for a great website.  Very well done".

You may be surprised but just a few words like that make such a difference! I've decided to write this blog post and keep it updated with positive comments that I've received, as a reminder that some people enjoy the site, maybe more than I even realize.

Here's another one that I got at the end of January:

It’s a popular site.  I would think you could monetize it more to bring in more revenue and higher a staff. Maybe the next Words with Friends.   You could sell out to a large corporation and buy a house on the French Riviera
This comment had me laughing out loud. The site doesn't make nearly enough money to sell out to a large corporation, but it's nice to hear that someone thinks it's that popular.

These are just a couple of recent examples. I'll keep updating this post when/if I get more

Updated Feb 28: A player at the site wrote me the following lovely comment. Reprinted with permission:

It is a great site and I am sure a little tweaking would improve it, but why change something that is working. You have always answered any questions i have submitted to you. Keep up the great work -- golfer79

Thank you, golfer79!

Updated Mar 23: Another player (Andrew) wrote me a wonderful comment:

Add me to the Great Job chorus.  I'm Team Marya!!

Thanks! It is so nice to hear that.