Monday, August 10, 2015

Likes and Dislikes at World of Card Games

You have some control over who you play with at World of Card Games.

If you are a Registered Player, you can choose to play with other Registered Players only by setting your table option that way. It works like this: Click the "Options" button for the game you are interested in playing - e.g. Hearts:

the Options button
Next, check the "Registered Players Only" checkbox. (You may be less selective, and click the "Exclude New Users" checkbox, too. That way you'll be choosing to play with people who have played a few games at the site - this often keeps out the riff-raff.)

Now you will be seated with Registered Players Only
You can fine-tune your preferences at the level of individual players, too.

Suppose you've found a player whose playing style you really like. You want to be able to remember them very easily, without keeping a huge list of names. In this case, I recommend "liking" them. Click the "like" icon which appears to their right:
How to "like" a player

Liked players always appear as a star in the "list of tables":
When you hover your mouse over the star in the list, you will see the person's name. You can manage your likes by clicking on your user name - you will see a list of liked players, and the date when you "liked" them.

You can also "dislike" a player. Suppose someone has been rude to you, or you dislike the way they play. In this case, click the red/white x icon to their left:
Doing this doesn't immediately kick the player from your table. However, once you leave the table, you will never be seated with them again. They will never show up in your "list of tables", either. It is as if they do not play at the site, from your perspective.

You can manage your "disliked player" list by clicking on your user name, shown in the upper right corner of the screen - scroll down to view your list of liked players, disliked players, and players whose chats are hidden:
Manage Likes and Dislikes list
Currently, you may "like" and "dislike" up to 500 players. If you find you reach the limit, you may want to drop a few older ones off the list. In particular, if you've disliked a lot of Guests, the older ones may no longer even come to the site, and there's no point in keeping them on your list.