how to find a person using the list of tables

If you click on a game panel at World of Card Games, you will be taken to the oldest game that satisfies your particular Options. Just hover your mouse over the game panel (in the screenshot below, it's Double Deck Pinochle). Then click the mouse to be taken immediately to your game:
Hover over the game panel and then click your mouse to be seated at a table
This is fast, but it may not always be what you feel like!

Suppose you want to play with a particular player. You can open the "list of tables" to see if this player is currently at a table with an open seat. In the next screenshot, I'm looking to play a game of Double Deck Pinochle with a friend whose username is "Mr Pinochle". The list of tables link is in the lower left corner of the home page. I've clicked that, and the list of tables panel is open. Note: only tables that have an open seat are shown in the list of tables. This list does not show all the ongoing games at the site.
All tables that have open seats are shown in the list of tables
I can see that Mr Pinochle is waiting at a private table named "worldofcardgames". I noticed him right away, because I see a yellow star in the listings. When I hover my mouse over the yellow star, it tells me the name of the player: Mr Pinochle. Players that I have "liked" show up as yellow stars in the list of tables, making it easy to find tables with players that I like. Registered players show up with a green R, and Guests show up as a yellow or white G. Bots show up as a pink B.

Certain games have special Options which might show up in the list of tables, too:
  1. Pinochle - "pbo" means the "Bidder Out" rule applies (this is the default)
  2. Hearts - "afth" means the "Allow First Turn Hearts" rule applies, and "tr" means "Tournament Rules" apply. By default, Hearts tables use the "Standard Rules", which do not have a special notation.
  3. Euchre - "std" means the "Stick the Dealer" rule applies (this is the default)
  4. Twenty-Nine - "sct" means the "Seventh Card" rule applies, and "drt" means the "Double Redouble" rule applies (this is the default)
  5. Spades - "nbps" means the "No Bag Penalty" rule applies

Getting back to the screenshot above: all that I have to do to play with my friend, who shows as a yellow star, is to click on his table in the list of tables. If I hover over the middle open square shown in the screenshot, and click there, I will be seated opposite him as his partner.

Note that I would not have seen my friend unless they had shared the name of their private table with me.... We agreed upon this name in advance, and I set it as one of my private table names. Private table names are discussed here.

If my friend is playing at any public table that has an open seat, then I will see them right away in the list of tables, too. You don't need a private table to play with someone that you like at World of Card Games. Just use the list of tables to look for the yellow stars which indicate people you have liked.