Single-player card games: Play online with bots for free

Welcome to the single-player section of World of Card Games. Here you can practice your skills against the computer. Play against our intelligent bots to become so good that you'll have to play cards against other people for it to be challenging.

Play loads of classic card games like Spades, Hearts, Gin Rummy, both as single-player or multi-player:

Twenty Nine
Gin Rummy
Three Five Eight
Double Deck Pinochle

Frequently asked questions

How can I play against real people?

Go to the homepage of World of Card Games and then either start a new table that people can join or click List of tables in the bottom left corner to find a table you can join.

Do I need to be registered to play against other people?

You don't need to register to play against other people, but we highly recommend it. Registering lets you choose your username, saves your stats and hand history, and eventually lets you play ranked games against more serious players.

Can I chat with the people I'm playing with?

Yes, you can! If you click the Chat button in the bottom left of the screen, a small window should pop up that lets you input a message. Hit the enter key, and the message should appear on the table.

How can I make sure that no people can join the table?

If you want to play with yourself, you can create a private table that allows bots. This ensures that no one else can join the table but bots. Any of the games you choose above are private bot tables.

Who should I contact if I have any other questions?

Feel free to reach out at I do my best to answer every mail that lands in my inbox! If you have an idea for how to improve the site, please add it to our list of feature requests.

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You can also play multiplayer against people.

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