Sunday, May 16, 2021

Your emails!

Hi everyone,

I appreciate all the nice people who play cards at World of Card Games! I'm kind of busy with other work these days, and so I can't do much work on the site, I'm sorry to say. It still makes me happy to see how many people enjoy the site, even though it hasn't changed very much in the last couple of years.

I want to bring something up. Sometimes, a person writes to me with a question. I almost always respond to player emails!

However, sometimes when I respond, the email "bounces". That is, my response is returned as unsent. Sometimes, this happens because the person sending me the email has an Outlook account that has not been configured correctly. Sometimes, it happens because an Internet Service Provider has decided that my email is spam and won't allow me to get through.

I don't spam people. I only contact players at the site if they first contact me.

I just want to let people know that if they don't hear a response from me, it could be because I was unable to respond for technical reasons.

I'm bringing this up here because someone recently wrote me an email, and when I responded, the email bounced.

I'm going to post their question here, and my response, on the off chance that this person might read it here.

The person wrote:

I regularly get put into games and find myself down 70,80,90 points in a 100 point game.  It would an improvement if I could choose not to get auto inserted into games that are almost over.

Well, I could not agree more with this stranger from the Internet. Here was my response:

What you're looking for already exists. Please choose the "Exclude Games in Progress" Option, explained in this blog post:

It still surprises me that people do not realize this Option is available. When you first arrive at the site, you are given the Option to avoid games in progress. You can change your Option at that time, or any later time. If you're not aware of that, please follow the link above to learn about that Option and some other Options that you might find useful.

Thanks and be nice out there, life is too short!