Monday, August 24, 2020

Connection issues

The server company where World of Card Games is hosted is having some network issues (this started at Aug 24, 15:08 CDT and appears to be ongoing).

You may be able to play games, but might experience problems.

If you see things that look strange, like cards piled up, please reload the web page in your web browser.  The F5 key works to do this for some systems. If you get a blank page loading, wait a short while, and try reloading the page again.

The server people have let me know that they're looking into the problem but I do not know when it will be resolved. My apologies!

Update August 25 at 9:10 CDT. The server company says that the problem has been resolved. It was a networking issue from one of their upstream providers. And now you know as much as I do! Sorry for any interruptions in your games!