how to play with Registered Players Only

Some people, like me, will play a game of cards with just about anyone! But some are very particular about who they will play with. Or maybe they are leary of strangers, who can be nice, but are sometimes nasty.

If you are the more particular type, you might want to try setting up your table Options to "Exclude New Users". When you do this, you will only be seated with people who have played at the site for several games - complete newcomers are not allowed. Some people feel that this Option keeps out the riff-raff. Here's a screenshot of that table Option:
Exclude New Users
Note that in the screenshot above, "Prive Table" is checked as well. The table is named "none" - when you have this particular combination, you will only be playing with bots! So if you want to join human players at the site, make sure to un-check the "Private Table" Option.

You can get even more exclusive with your games by checking the "Registered Players Only" Option:
Registered Players Only
When you choose this Option, Guests will not be allowed at your table.

Note: the above table Options will only be applied when you click on a game panel. If you click on a table from the "list of tables", you may be choosing to override these Options. Each table in the "list of tables" shows you what Options were used in creating it.

Finally - if you do not know how to change your table Options, here's how: click the Options button for the game of your choice, and the Options panel will appear. Here's a screenshot of the Spades game panel, with the Options button encircled in green:
the Options button for Spades