Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spades table is open

I'm currently sitting at the open "private" table described in my previous post. Join in if you feel like playing! (If you're wondering, yes, I'm early!)

There are three of us at a table now, just need one more!

The game is in progress!

Well... lost that one. Sorry p!

New table open with 2 seats available.


Won that one... new game is in progress!


Won the next one... thx p! Onto the next!

and won that one too!

Okay, this experiment is over for today.

I want to thank all you wonderful people who joined in! And thanks to my many excellent partners and opponents... thanks to those who patiently partnered with me as I got set. And thanks to those good sports who hung in there to play even when they were getting defeated.

This went so well, I will certainly schedule another one. I will probably play at different games, as well.

If you have any comments, positive or negative, please post them to this blog or write me!