Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Feature requests

I've had a number of e-mails from players with feature requests. Everyone has their idea of what would be helpful, and sometimes there are conflicting ideas.

My highest priority when considering a change is whether it will adhere to the spirit of the site: keep the site looking beautiful with a clean design, while making it easy for all types of players to enjoy card games.

If you have a suggestion for a change, you can always email me at In addition, feel free to leave comments on this blog with suggestions. Comments are moderated, so you won't see them appear right away. Sometimes, items end up in the spam filter, or I don't have time to check email, and there may be a delay in replying. But I do read them all, and will reply sooner or later.

Finally: I generally give higher priority to bug fixes, rather than adding features. Right now I have a heap of bug fix work in front of me; please be patient when requesting a new feature, as it may take me some time to get to it.