replay previous hand history at World of Card Games

You can view an entire "replay" of the previous hand of cards at World of Card Games. There are 4 games that support a replay: Spades, Euchre, Hearts, and Double Deck Pinochle.

This feature is available to Registered users only, so if you would like to use it, please sign up (you will not be spammed!), and make sure that you are signed in before playing a game.

After an entire hand of cards has been played, a little floppy disk symbol will appear next to your avatar. If you hover your mouse over it, you will see a tooltip that reads "Click here to download previous hand history".
hand history downloader
If you click that symbol, a text file will get downloaded from World of Card Games. It contains a URL (an html "link") that you can use to replay all actions that took place in the hand that was just played. The screenshot below shows how the hand history file looks in the Chrome web browser. It appears at the bottom left of your browser window. Double click it to open it. (In other browsers, downloads appear in different locations - if you have any trouble with the download, feel free to write me).

Once you open the file, you will see this text (example is for Spades): "This hand history for Spades can be replayed at World of Card Games. Copy and paste the link below into your web browser address bar (works with Chrome and Firefox browsers)." Below it you will see the URL - a long string of text. Copy and paste that into your browser address bar. Don't this in the middle of your game, since doing that will disconnect you from your game - make sure to wait till the game is over.

If you click the following link, you will see a recent hand history from the end of a Spades game that I just played. This gives you an idea what to expect from a hand history.

One more thing: In Double Deck Pinochle, hand histories are formatted to be replayed at the Power Pinochle hand animator. In that case, you need to copy the text seen and paste it into their form at the previous link.