How to set up a private table at World of Card Games

Sometimes people want to play cards with others at a table that is accessible by invitation only. At World of Card Games, this can be done by setting up a private table, and telling the private table name to the other players.

Here's how to play at a private table:
  1. Click on the "Options" button for the game in question. The "Options" button is at the lower left of each game panel on the main page.
  2. A panel will open that you can use to set options for that particular game.
  3. Check the "Private Table" box.
  4. This opens out an area with the name of the table. By default, the private table is named "none". If you leave it this way, you will only be playing with bots. So you want to change it by clicking on the "(change)" link. You enter the name of the private table in the text input that opens.
  5. Finally, hit the OK button.
Important! Your chats or messages are never "private" at the site. Chats are recorded in the logs, and the site admin has access those logs. This is not done to be nosy; it is done to be able to respond to user complaints. You should always assume that what you are saying may be read by someone who is not sitting directly at the table. Private tables are intended for people to be able to play games with a select group of people, not to share information that you want kept private.

Below are some screenshots to help guide you through this process (and there's a youtube video, also):
Check Private Table option
Change the "name" of the table to whatever you like
From then on, when you click on the game panel for that game, you will be taken to a game with that private table name. So you won't be seated at a public table. This won't be very useful unless your private table name is known to other players! So make sure you only use private tables if you have at least one other person who knows the private table name.

If you want to switch back to sitting at public tables, make sure to uncheck the "Private Table" checkbox under Options.

One more thing: once you have set a private table name, the Table Listings will reflect that. If there is a game with that private table name with an empty seat, you will see it in the listings, as well as any public tables with empty seats.

Here's an example of the table listings where you can see your private table 'test123' for Double Deck Pinochle:
sit opposite to 'marya' by clicking the middle empty box, which is the 3rd seat at the table
I'm hovering my mouse over the green "R" in the list (a green "R" indicates the player at the table is registered). Now I see it's my partner, "marya". I want to sit across from her. The empty squares indicate empty seats - by clicking on the correct empty seat, I can do that. I just click in the 3rd seat in the row of seats - that one puts me across from her.

There are some special settings that apply to private tables. If you want longer timeouts at your private table so that you chat or take a break, then open your settings panel by clicking on your user name in the upper right corner, and check the checkbox next to "Private Table Timer 5 Min":
Private Table Timer 5 Min
Once this is checked, then any private table that you create will have a timeout of 5 minutes. This setting does not apply for tables that you join, only for the ones you "create" (by being the first one to sit down at it).

Write to me if you have any questions about this process!