How to play against humans or the computer at World of Card Games

You can play card games with other humans, just with the computer ("with bots"), or with both, at World of Card Games. Your "Options" determine this.

Many players would like to play with other humans, but will allow bots to be invited in the case where a human player leaves their seat. In such cases, bots are handy for finishing the game.

To adjust the setting, click the Options button. The screenshot below has the Options button encircled in green for the Hearts game:
Hearts Options button
When you click this button, a small panel opens where you can edit all your options. It looks like this (in the screenshot, the game is Euchre):
Edit your Euchre Options at World of Card Games
The Option called "Bots" is used to control with whom you play. The word "bot" is short for "robot". When you play with a robot, you are playing against the computer.
  1. If you wish to forbid "bots" from coming to your table, click the "No" radio button next to "Bots". Keep in mind that it can take a while longer to get this type of table to accumulate all the players needed to start a game.
  2. If you only want to sit at tables where Bots are allowed, i.e. definitely don't want to be seated at tables where they are forbidden, then click the "Yes" option for Bots.
  3. If you have no preference, and don't mind sitting at either type of table, click "Either". The "Either" radio button is the default option.
  4. If you only want to play with bots - no humans allowed - you should check the "Private Table" option and set the table name to "none". This is shown in the screenshot below.
Spades private table Option

When you have finished editing your Options, click the "OK" button to save them. From then on, these preferences will apply when you are seated at a table.