how to manage your dislikes

If you click on the red/white x "Dislike Player" button next to a person, you will "dislike" them. This means that you will not be seated with them, once your current game is over:

dislike player
You can manage your "disliked player" list by clicking on your user name, which is in the upper right corner of the screen. This opens up a Settings panel.

Scroll down to view your list of liked players, disliked players, and players whose chats are hidden:

Manage Likes and Dislikes list
If you've accidentally "disliked" a player by clicking on the white/red x next to their name at a table, they will not be seated with you at a table anymore. To undo this, look for their name under the "Manage Dislikes" section of your settings, and click the (remove) link next to their name.

Currently, you may "like" and "dislike" up to 500 players. If you find you reach the limit, you may want to drop a few older ones off the list. In particular, if you've disliked a lot of Guests, the older ones may no longer even come to the site, and there's no point in keeping them on your list.