Euchre: Play Online for Free (Solo & Multiplayer)

Euchre is an exciting trick-taking game played by 4 players. Unlike other trick-taking games such as Spades, it is played with a smaller card deck, creating a fast-paced gameplay. Along with unique trump-mechanics, the game has some interesting partnership dynamics, resulting in an unpredictable and exciting game.

The game is free to play and can be played online. No download or registration is required! It can be played solo against our bots, but you can also play against other people online or even create a private table to play against friends and family. So start up a gain and let the fun begin!

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We've summarized the rules below in case you're in need of getting them refreshed. If you aren't that familiar with the game, we have a full explanation of how to play Euchre that we suggest you go through. It even includes an interactive tutorial that'll take you through the rules by playing a game.

Euchre is played by 2 teams consisting of 2 people each, with partners sitting across from each other. The game's objective is to reach 10 points first. At the start of the game, each player is dealt 5 cards from a deck containing only Ace, King, Queen, Jacks, 10s and 9s. A single card is dealt face-up, and players can then accept it as the trump suit or pass. If all 3 players pass, the dealer must play with the card being the trump suit.

Players must follow the suit of the lead player. The highest card of that suit wins the trick unless a trump card is played. If a person wins a trick, that person leads the next trick. A team is called the "Maker" team if they choose the trump suit, and the other team is called the "Defending" team.

Defenders score 2 points for 3 or more tricks, and makers score 1 point for 3 and 4 tricks and 2 points for all 5 tricks. Every player can choose to ignore their partner's card, which is called "Going alone". The first team to reach 10 points wins the game.


Like many other trick-taking games, when you play Euchre, you play a game of cooperation and memory. To be good at the game, you must be able to accurately assess your hand to decide whether to call trump. Furthermore, being attentive to the cards played and cooperating is vital to being able to make good decisions.

We've summed up the most important strategic points below. They should give you a headstart in becoming a skilled player. If you're looking to become really good at the game, you should have a look at our thorough Euchre strategy guide.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an euchre?

An euchre occurs when your team chooses the trump suit but fails to take at least 3 of the 5 tricks during a hand. If your team is euchred, the opposing team is awarded 2 points, while your team gets no points.

What is the eldest hand?

The eldest hand is the player who is required to play the first card. This player is also called the first seat.

What does it mean to lead a trick?

To lead a trick means to play the first card in a trick.

What is a trick?

A trick is the pile of 4 cards that is collected by the person who played the strongest card in the pile. It can also refer to a discrete phase in the game of Euchre, during which each of the 4 players plays one card.

What is trump?

Trump refers to the suit that was declared by the "maker" and is used to determine the winning card in a trick. Trump cards have special properties and higher ranks than other suits.

What does it mean to be void in a suit?

A hand is void in a suit if it contains no cards of that suit.

What is Stick the Dealer (STD)?

Stick the dealer is a rule in Euchre where the dealer is required to choose a trump suit if all other players have passed on choosing trump during the second round of selection.

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