Card Game Euchre Strategy - by Example

by Holger @ World of Card Games

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Euchre glossary

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updated January 2 2019

  • euchre

    Your team is euchred if you or your partner chose the trump suit, but together you did not take 3 or more tricks during the hand.

    There are 5 tricks to be collected during a single Euchre hand. The rules require that if you declare trump, your team must get at least 3 of them.

    If your team is euchred, then your opponent is awarded 2 points, while your team gets no points.


    • We got euchred!

  • Eldest hand

    Eldest hand is a name given to the player who is required to play the first card in a hand of Euchre. It is another term for first seat.

    People who use this term also generally give the name "Pone" to the player who is right of the dealer.

  • first seat

    First seat is a name given to the player who is required to play the first card in a hand of Euchre. It is another name for the player who is left of the dealer (sometimes called "left of dealer").

    Some people also call this player Eldest hand.


    • First seat led the trick with a trump card.
    • As first seat, I decided to use the 'Next' strategy and call the opposite suit as trump.

  • lead

    The person who plays the first card in a trick is said to lead the trick.


    • I led the 4th trick with my Ace of Hearts, but it was trumped.

  • trick

    A trick is the pile of 4 cards that is collected by the person who placed the strongest card in the pile.

    It is also sometimes used to mean a discrete phase in the game of Euchre, during which each of the 4 players plays one card.


    • I snagged the trick with my jack of spades.
    • I took 5 tricks so I should have gone alone!
    • I led with spades in the first trick.

  • trump

    The term "trump" can be used as a noun or a verb.

    The trump suit is the suit that was declared by the "maker". For example, "I choose clubs as the trump suit."

    A trump card is any card of the trump suit. In Euchre, Jacks have special properties. If a black suit is declared trump, then the Jack of the other black suit is also considered a trump card. The same is true for red suited cards. For example, if Spades is declared trump, then the Jack of Clubs is also a trump card.

    To trump is to play a trump card that is higher in rank than the current card that will take the trick.


    • My opponent trumped the trick, but then my partner trumped his trump card!
    • I didn't have any trump [cards] so I led with an Ace.

  • void

    A hand is void in a suit if it contains no cards of that suit.


    • I was void in spades, so I did not have to follow suit.