Rules of Messaging at World of Card Games

about messaging

A messaging system was added to World of Card Games in November of 2016. It is experimental, and may be withdrawn if it causes too many problems. The messaging system is intended to let your friends at the site know that you are there, and to help players arrange to meet each other at a table. Each message is limited to 140 characters.

Messages can only be sent and received from the "home page" of World of Card Games (this is the page that shows the game panels for Hearts, Spades, Euchre, etc.). If you want to contact someone, do it from the home page, and then go to a table.

how messaging works

  • Each player is allowed to send at most 10 messages to other players per day.
    • The count is reset at 2 AM, Boston USA time.
  • Any messages older than 24 hours are deleted periodically, at 2 AM, Boston USA time.
  • You may only send messages to Registered players that you have liked (click your user name to see these).
  • You do not have to participate in Messaging. There is a Setting to turn it off.
  • If someone sends you a message, and you do not want to read it, you can delete it without reading it.
  • If you send a message, there can be no guarantee that the recipient will get it!
    • The recipient may be offline.
    • The recipient may not be participating in Messaging.
    • The recipient may have "disliked" you.
    • The recipient may ignore your message or delete it without reading it.
  • There is a 2-minute delay between when a message is sent by a player, and when it is relayed to its recipient. This is done to help prevent allegations that Messaging is used to cheat.
  • Be polite when using Messaging.
  • Messages, like Chats, are not private. They may be inspected by an administrator if there is an allegation of abuse. Abuse of the messaging system can get you banned from the site, same as for the Chat system.